2005 STATE Championship Results

Open Singles
  1. Sonu Bhatia
  2. Sean Farley

B Singles
  1. Lewis Park
  2. Eric Medina
  3. Cory Johnson
  1. Tian Chen/Sonu Bhatia
  2. Sean Farley/Howard Reben

Over Forty
  1. Sean Farley
  2. Paul Ferriero
  3. Rick Shea


    1. Irena Stepan
    2. Patti Prescott
    3. Dianna Ripley

Maine Table Tennis players enjoyed the spectacular play of  A Open division runner up Sean Farley. He game was effective against all opponents and his only loss in the finals surely could have gone his way had a bit of luck been on his side. For those of us who have known Sean he truly played his best table tennis and was consistent enough to have deserved the title. Many who watched the finals were cheering for Sean to win for he was the obvious underdog. Champion Sonu Bhatia, a former State Champion, was the odds on favorite and managed to survive the hard hitting by Sean to hang on to the victory.

Sean Farley was the undisputed champion of the Over Forty division losing only 3 games on his way to the title.

Irena Stepan reclaimed her Women's Division title after last year's loss.

A Open Division Champion Sonu Bhatia and Runner Up Sean Farley A Div Champions
B division Champion Lewis Park and runner up Eric Medina B division winners
Over Forty Champion Sean Farley and runner up Paul Ferriero Over Forty winners
Woman's Champion Irena Stepan Women's Champion

Doubles Champions Sonu Bhatia and Tian Chen

Doubles winners

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