2003 STATE Championship Results

Open Singles
  1. Sonu Bhatia
  2. Lou Soo
  3. Kip Jordan

B Singles
  1. Rick Shea
  2. Denny Conley
  3. Patti Prescott
  1. Sonu Bhatia/Lou Soo
  2. Sean Farley/Kip Jordan

Over Forty
  1. Al Landry
  2. Kip Jordan
  3. Paul Ferriero

Juniors (under 18)
  1. Josh Warren
  2. Josh Groleau


    1. Irena Stepan
    2. Patti Prescott
    3. Dianna Ripley

Maine Table Tennis players enjoyed another tournament at the Portland YMCA. Sonu Bhatia continued his recent domination of the A Open division losing only a handful of games along the road to victory. This year he managed to also win the doubles title with partner Lou Soo.

Congratulations go to Rick Shea for hanging tough and winning the B Division against three time runner up Denny Conley. Conley's play throughout the day was spectacular including several big wins to put him in a position for victory only to be spoiled by Shea.

The Over 40 Division saw Al Landry make a steady march to winning. He won his bracket and eliminated former Over 40 champion Kip Jordan to seal his victory.

2003 State Champ Sonu Bhatia with Lou Soo showing off their Doubles trophies
B Division Champion Rick Shea, runner up Denny Conley and Patti Prescott
Over 40 Winners Al Landry, Paul Ferriero, and Kip Jordan

Women's Champion Irena Stepan and Patti Prescott

Doubles Champions Lou Soo and Sonu Bhatia



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