Open Singles
  1. Tian Chen
  2. Gus Akhmedov
  3. Sonu Bhatia

B Singles
  1. Al Landry
  2. Denny Conley
  3. Ralph Cheney
  1. Chen/Bhatia
  2. Art Lekousi/Gus Akhmedov

Over Forty
  1. Gus Akhmedov
  2. Kip Jordan

Juniors (under 18)
  1. Jacob Nawfel
  2. Matt Berube
  3. Will Underkuffer


    1. Irena Stepan
    2. Dianna Ripley
    3. Liping Miao

Maine Table Tennis players and fans were treated to another incredible tournament featuring a LONG day of playing and exciting and competitive matches. The bragging rights and title of "State Champion" goes to Tian Chen, a 17 year old from Auburn that clearly demonstrated that hard work and practice mixed with mental toughness leads to success. His road to the title featured a tremendous come from behind win over Lou Soo and a gritty display of modern topspin attack mixed with all out defensive hustle to beat the wiley veteran Gus Akhmedov. Those familiar with Maine Table Tennis will note that Tian was runner up in the Junior division only two years ago. Now his explosive attacks are the topic of many sideline conversations. Congrats to a fine young champion!

The Doubles draw this year featured 16 teams with several well balanced and serious potential challengers. Longtime veteran Art Lekousi and Gus Akhmedov were unable to put away a critical game and yielded the title to repeat champions Tian Chen and Sonu Bhatia. With two consecutive titles Chen and Bhatia still have a ways to go to match the formidable doubles team of Greg Born and Harvey Klugman that dominated doubles from 1991 through 1996.

This years award to the most matches played goes to Gus Akhmedov. Playing in three events Gus played in 17 matches and 36 games. He also won the Over Forty crown and was runner-up in both the Open Singles and Doubles.

2001 State Champ Tian Chen and runner-up Gus Akhmedov
Doubles Champions Tian Chen and Sonu Bhatia with Art Lekousi and Gus Akhmedov
Over 40 Champion Gus Akhmedov with 2nd place finisher Kip Jordan
B Division Winner Al Landry and runner-up Denny Conley
Junior Division Champion Jacob Nawfel with runner-up Matt Berube
Irena Stepan, Women's State Champion, Runner-up Diana Ripley and Liping Miao

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