2004 STATE Championship Results

Open Singles
  1. Tian Chen
  2. Gary Wittner

B Singles
  1. Guy Boisse
  2. Allen Hewitt
  3. Josh Groleau
  1. John Lohfeld/Harvey Klugman
  2. Tian Chen/Sonu Bhatia

Over Forty
  1. Howard Reben
  2. Al Landry

Juniors (under 18)
  1. Josh Groleau
  2. Cory Johnson


    1. Patti Prescott
    2. Irena Stepan
    3. Dianna Ripley

Maine Table Tennis players came out of the woodwork for this years championship. Former champion Gary Wittner, using a retro style hardbat blade, frustrated many players on his way to the finals. Those who knew Gary's recent game were surprised at his ability to compete using his hardbat but were delighted in seeing him crack the ball with perfect placement. Tian Chen's explosive drives from both sides proved too much for Wittner's hardbat. Kudo's to Wittner for taking Tian to 5 games in the championship match.

This year's doubles featured the return of Harvey Klugman, 7 time doubles champion in the 1990's. This time he teamed with John Lohfeld and demonstrated his ability to place shots and get lucky at just the right time!

The Women's event featured a change in the order after nearly 15 years of record keeping. This year marked the first time since 1991 that Irena Stepan has not won the title. Patti Prescott and Irena battled for 5 games at a pace that would have exhausted numerous table side spectator cats. Neither would give in and slow the pace or back away from the table. They showed all how to stand at the table and smack shot after shot in a fast paced chess match that saw Patti ultimately win. A tip of the hat to Patti's ability to hold up under Irena's forehand and backhand pressure to take the title for 2004. We all are looking forward to a rematch next year!

Howard Reben has made a rare appearance in the winner's circle for the Over 40 crowd.. His last title came in 1992. This year he demonstrated again that patience and the ability to make the opponent play yet another ball can win games.

Reunion of State Champions. Shown here are six prior champs. Tian Chen, Sonu Bhatia, Art Lekousi, Harvey Klugman, Gary Wittner and Greg Born. Art Lekousi first took the state title in 1948. None of the others were born yet...
Open division Champion Tian Chen and runner up Gary Wittner
B Division Champion Guy Boisse, runner up Allen Hewitt and third place Josh Groleau
Over 40 Champion Howard Reben and runner up Al Landry

Women's Champion Patti Prescott

Doubles Champions Harvey Klugman and John Lohfeld

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